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In Home Private Training

  Many of your dog's unwanted behaviors happen primarily in your home or neighborhood.  We travel to your home to re-shape this when and where it happens.
There are a variety of options for In-Home Training to address all types of behaviors.  From smaller annoyances to deeper issues, we bring the help to your home.


One Hour Session

The One Hour In-Home Session is a great way to re-shape one or two specific behaviors that happen in or around the home.  Some examples might be jumping on company, nuisance barking or food stealing.  The benefit is that we immmediately address the way to re-shape behavior to your unique dog and home situation.

Three Hour Package

The Three Hour Package addresses a deeper scope of behaviors.  They may be more intense, complicated or habitual.  You may also have more than one or two behaviors  you want addressed.  Dogs who pull on walks,  want to "call the shots" , or are shy or timid.

The three hours can be divided up as is appropriate for each situation.

Five Hour Package

This option allows for the time to really teach and solidify new behaviors or to resolve some resistant behaviors.  Allows for behavior to be learned, tested in distracting settings as well as fine-tuning or follow-up.

The five hours can be divided up as is appropriate for each situation.

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