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What people are saying about Total Dog...


"I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart!  Other trainers would not work with Lilly.  You saw the real Lilly and gave us hope and results.  I understand her reactions now and why she got the way she was.  And better, now I am prepared and know what to do.  I liked the variety in your suggestions, the clear way you explained things, but most of all, I saw that you loved my dog!"





"All of my dogs (3 now) have taken obedience class through Waterford Community Education.  The current instructor (Julie Bennett and assistants) are by far the most knowledgeable and willing to address the needs of the class.  Great session and I will be signing up for the next session!  Thanks to Waterford Community Education for recruiting Total Dog!"




"I never thought there was so much that went into dog training!  I have had dogs before and I don't really remember what we did in class.  With this class I am learning so much and it really makes sense!  I feel like I know what is going on with my dog so I know what to do.  Really liked the information on things like how to buy dog food and why the distractions are so important.  Julie is great with the dogs, funny and really knows what she is doing."




"Super fun class!  My dog was SO excited to come to each class and I've never seen her go so crazy over anyone like she did with Julie!  But then almost all of the dogs practically begged for her attention!"


We  enlisted  the  services  of  Julie  Bennett  after  we  purchased  two  puppies  that   are  litter  mates.    The  puppies  were  loving  but  very  rambunctious.    They  were   expelled  from  Doggy  Daycare  and  the  female  was  kicked  out  of  Obedience   School.    The  wild  side  of  the  puppies  was  interfering  with  the  good  side.    Julie   provided  individual  instruction  for  both  of  the  puppies.    She  was  patient  and   accommodating  not  just  for  the  puppies  but  for  us.    She  was  able  to  teach  us   how  to  handle  the  puppies  so  that  we  could  enjoy  their  company  without  the   distraction  of  “puppiness”.    We  were  lucky  to  have  found  Julie  when  we  did   because  we  were  very  close  to  a  decision  to  give  them  up.    Now  we  have  every   intention  of  continuing  with  their  education  and  training.    Julie  was  able  to   show  us  proper  techniques,  provide  helpful  hints  and  set  realistic   expectations  on  handling  these  two  lovable  but  active  puppies.    Along  with   Julie’s  teaching  techniques,  her  compassion  and  loving  kindness  for  the   animals  is  very  apparent  and  added    that  “something  extra”  to  our   experiences.  

The  Sherburn  Family    




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